Conference in London

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24 Feb
We just got back from attended the PHP UK Conference. Had a great time, learned some new stuff, and most important drank our fair share of beer.

Two of the talks that I found really interesting was (in no specific order):
“Locking and Concurrency Control” by Morgan Tocker
He went over how locking works in database e... Continue Reading

A creative workshop

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01 Jul
The team got together in Varna, Bulgaria for a creative and fun experience.
The event started with a Dungeon Master gaming workshop, where we learned the technical details on how to create a game world. For the fun part of the team-building we had internal competitions in go-cart racing, bowling, pool and marksmanship.

... Continue Reading

Walking in the foot steps of Vikings

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27 Aug
This year the team building event was held in Norway
A full week of challenges, starting with a hiking trip to the Pulpit Rock. After arriving the fog cleared, revealing an amazing view of the Norwegian fjords.
The game was then stepped up with whitewater rafting, before we took on the challenge of hiking to Kjerag. The trip tes... Continue Reading

Bulgarian Sightseeing

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16 May
This year the annual team building started with a lunch in the old village of Zheravna, before arriving in Bansko in the evening.
Here we enjoy the thrills of rafting and horse back riding. We then expended our cultural horizon by visiting Rila Monastery, one of Bulgaria’s most important cultural, historical and architectu... Continue Reading

The team meets in Romania

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02 Aug
The annual team-building event took part in Sibiu, Romania.
The program was divided into two parts – conference meeting and team building events.
In addition to going over new programming techniques, the future plans of the company and major upcoming projects were discussed during the conference meeting. All participants a... Continue Reading

Annual Company Meeting

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14 Sep
Teaching Accessibility for the web.
The annual meeting of the Kaizen-Web team was held at Varna, Bulgaria.
Long days of conference meetings were followed by team building activities in the evening.
This short happening was a very useful event, combining study and brainstorming as well as a lot of fun activities in ... Continue Reading