PEAR on PHP 5.5: could not extract package.xml

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27 Mar

After reinstalling the laptop setting up Zend Server 7.0 as the local enviroment, I ran into some issues when trying to install PHP Unit.

Specifically “could not extract the package.xml file” and “Error: cannot download “phpunit/PHP_Timer”, when running the command:

pear install phpunit/PHP_Timer

Turns out that from PHP 5.5.3 the pack/unpack format strings slightly different than the default Perl behavior, breaking backwards compatibility. This was updated with Pear version 1.3.11, but for some reason I was unable to update the pear version using Zend Server.

You can find out what Pear version you run by typing:

pear info archive_tar

It should return something like the string below, followed with the various settings.

It was easy enough to solve the issue by downloading and applying the patch.

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