Conference in London

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24 Feb

We just got back from attended the PHP UK Conference. Had a great time, learned some new stuff, and most important drank our fair share of beer.

A trip to London is never complete without hitting the pubs!

Two of the talks that I found really interesting was (in no specific order):

“Locking and Concurrency Control” by Morgan Tocker
He went over how locking works in database engines. Explaining how the table/row locks work depending on the engine used, and what causes deadlocks. The talk and examples examples was based on MySQL 5.6, but the theory applies to all database systems.

“Test, Transform, Refactor” by Marcello Duarte
Marchello explained the concept behind “Code Kata” when it comes to TDD (Test Driven Development) and the benefits you will get from training on this.

When the talks are uploaded to Youtube next month, I recommend that you check the talks out if you did not attend. The videos of the talks will be posted here.

On Friday, me and Nikolay tried the “Spot and fix the bugs” challenge at the CRC (Client Relationship Consultancy) boot. I managed to clock in on 38.98 seconds and won the first prize for the day (8GB Raspberry Pi).

"Spot and fix the bugs" challenge

They are also holding a post conference Programming Challenge where you can win a Xbox One or PS4. To find out more, click here.

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