About Sven Arild Helleland Formally educated as an electronics engineer, Sven moved on to web development in 2004 after having it as a hobby for almost a decade. Over the last few years he has accumulated a vast knowledge and experience in the field of complicated web-based applications working with everything from transaction based systems to high traffic websites.

He is passionate about clean, efficient and secure code. When working on a project he will not budge until every security aspect has been taken care of.

We are opening an office in Bulgaria

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10 Nov
Kaizen Web-Productions is proud to announce the official opening of our new office in Varna, Bulgaria.
Kaizen-Web Bulgaria LTD has been established as a Bulgarian branch of Kaizen Web-Productions. The company aims at hiring young specialists from east Europe in the field of developing online applications.

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The team meets in Romania

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02 Aug
The annual team-building event took part in Sibiu, Romania.
The program was divided into two parts – conference meeting and team building events.
In addition to going over new programming techniques, the future plans of the company and major upcoming projects were discussed during the conference meeting. All participants a... Continue Reading

Annual Company Meeting

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14 Sep
Teaching Accessibility for the web.
The annual meeting of the Kaizen-Web team was held at Varna, Bulgaria.
Long days of conference meetings were followed by team building activities in the evening.
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New Team Member

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22 May
We welcome a new team member!
Nikolay Kolev from Bulgaria has joined the team as a Senior Developer.
He was selected from a large number of candidates and chosen after a long and hard testing period.
Keep up the good work, Nikolay!
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The new company website arrives!

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02 Feb
The Kaizen Web-Productions corporate website has been totally renovated, in the process a lot of new information has been added.
The website also offers increased functionality and accessibility.
Please refer to the sitemap at the bottom of the page for an overall look at the website.
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